We can refill your propane tanks on site

We have an on site propane refill station here at Trellis. So whether you need to fill your 20lb tank for your grill or you need to fill up your RV for the summer road trip we have you covered. Standard tanks are filled by size/weight. Campers and Rv's are filled by gallon.

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Offering home & farm delivery services Monday - Friday

To make your shopping experience as easy as possible we offer a home delivery service Monday - Friday. We will deliver, unload, and stack items exactly where you would like them. Example: If you were to order 12 bags of salt for your water softener in your basement, we would then bring your salt downstairs, fill your softener if you would like, and then stack the rest of the bags where you would like them.

To schedule a delivery, contact us at: (630) 584-2024


Wellness Clinic

Trellis believes quality health care for pets doesn't have to cost a fortune, so we host low cost animal clinics.

Throughout the year, the Just Animals Wellness Clinic uses our location to host low cost animal clinics. We believe that in this day of age health care for pets should not cost a fortune. At these clinics "Just Animals" offers affordable shots and vaccinations as well as micro chipping, deworming and flea & tick control.

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Trellis has a wide variety of quality horse feeds from Purina and Buckeye. They also carry a decent assortment of horse treats and general grooming and stable supplies. I really like the fact that they carry the Evo cat food as well, as this allows me to shop for both of my four-legged friends at one place. The service is super friendly and the guys are always willing to carry bags out to your vehicle. The staff members are also very well educated when it comes to horse feeds and supplements.

Kristin J. of St. Charles